Tamper-evident security bags ensure the safe storage and transportation of all types of valuables such as currency, confidential documents, evidence, medication, personal property, and more in a wide variety of industries such as banks, law enforcement, medicine, aviation, education, agriculture, and environmental monitoring, etc. Assets will be protected from manipulation and minimize the risk of loss, damage, and theft.

Our tamper-evident security bags not only can guarantee the traceability of storage and transportation processes, but also improve efficiency and reduce the processing costs associated with valuable handling.

Features of Tamper-evident Bags:

  • Security self-sealing adhesive closure with tamper indicating graphics, an unauthorized attempt to break the seal will cause the STOP/VOID message to appear and cannot be reversed.
  • Printed with unique sequential serial numbers for better track and trace.
  • Emblazoned with a write-on-block for record or prompt the user with vital information.
  • Secondary reinforcement treatment of bag sealing. Strong wide-in-set, side weld seal with edge printing on both sides.
  • A dotted Line at the bottom to cut along with the scissors for easily taking out the contents.
Document Security Bag
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