Industrial packaging is vital for any company that ships or delivers products to customers. Whether it’s a retail store, a product manufacturer(Automotive, Electronics, Food, and Pharmaceuticals, etc.), a distributor, a wholesaler, or even an e-commerce site selling products from around the world — they count on industrial packaging solutions to safeguard and shield a core product from damage during transportation or storage.

Our industrial packaging products are designed not only to protect your product during warehousing or shipping but also to help improve your company’s overall costs and productivity.

What is “industrial packaging”? It’s any kind of shipping vessel or component: boxes, documents envelopes, tapes, ESD packaging, handles, cushioning, bulk bags, reusable bins, crates, and more.

Industrial packaging supplies
packing slip pouches
Packing List Envelope
Metallized PET foil bags
Mylar Bags
ESD Anti-static Shielding Bags
Shielding Bags
Aluminum foil vacuum bags
Aluminum foil Bags
VCI Bags
Ink Foil Bag with Spout
Ink Pouch
Hot Melt Tape
Transparent Banding Tape