The purpose of thermal packaging is to maintain the condition of the item or product being shipped and to prevent quality damage on temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, medicines, and fresh food products. Food products and medicines are sensitive to temperature fluctuations where the impact or function they can be changed, damaged, or even cause disease when the products have been exposed to extreme temperatures.

In addition to temperature regulation, insulation packaging also serves as a safeguard for products during transportation, protecting them from contamination and damage. During transportation, the product may be subjected to vibrations, shocks, and impacts, which can cause physical damage or breakage. Insulation packaging helps to prevent this, reducing the risk of damage.

Cold Chain Thermal Insulation Packaging
No Sweat Ice Pack
No Sweat Gel Packs
Koolit Collapsible Cooler
Insulated ToTe Bags
Thermal insulated bag
Thermal Insulation Bags
Insulated Box Cool Liners for Cold Chain
Insulated Box Cool Liners
Pharmacy insulated pouch,transportation of medicines
Isothermal Pouch
Reflective Foil EPE Thermal Insulation Material for Building
Thermal Insulation Materials
Thermal Pallet Cover for Temperature Sensitive Products
Thermal Pallet Cover
cooler carton
Cooler Carton
Gel Refrigerant Packs for Shipping
Gel Refrigerant Packs