Project Description

  • 2-Side Seal Fold-Over Bottom Bag
  • 2-side seal pouch
  • 2-side seal pouch
  • SKU: 69100

Two-side seal pouches are qualitative and economical flat pouches, which are made from one piece of film and sealed on the two sides, and the top of the top is left open for filling the content.

The foldover or 2-side seal pouch is similar to the 3-side seal pouch you’re familiar with. It’s perfect for single- and multi-use products but with a slight difference. Instead of a third bottom seal, this pouch has only two factory seals and a simple bottom fold.

2-side seal pouches allow for a higher volume fill due to the lack of a bottom seal. The same custom features and packaging design options still apply, making this an excellent choice for filling it to the brim.

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