Project Description

  • Thermal Pallet Cover for Temperature Sensitive Products
  • Thermal Shipping Blankets for Medicine
  • Cold Chain Shipping Container/Temperature Controlled Package
  • Insulated Pallet Covers/Cargo Blankets
  • Thermal Pallet Cover 16mm
  • 16mm Insulated Pallet Cover 16mm
  • SKU: 27100

  • Looking for superior temperature management over bulk and delicate shipping?
    Integralpkg’s thermal pallet cover delivers tough performance on temperature control solutions
  • It is recyclable as it can withstand rigorous wear and tear so it is very cost-efficient
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Thermal Blanket also known as Temperature protection blankets are used to cover temperature-sensitive products during transportation and storage.

The application is mainly for Pharmaceutical products.

These are also known as Thermal Pallet covers, Thermal insulation cover, Pallet insulation cover, temperature insulation cover, Insulated cover etc.

Thermal Insulation Pallet Cover regulates temperature through multi-layer structure. Creating an ideal environment for temperature control. Through the convection process,temperature sensitive goods can withstand rapid changes in temperature during transportation.

When you need to maintain your cargo at a certain temperature, products like reflective pallet covers are essential. However, not all reflective thermal pallet covers are created equal. When products and profits are on the line, you want to be sure you’re using quality, proven reflective thermal insulated pallet covers. Whether you’re looking for single-use reflective thermal pallet covers or reflective insulated pallet covers that can be used more than once, you want a product that:

  • Reduce Temperature Exchange
  • High Reflective Performance
  • Freeze Protection
  • Water-Resistant
  • Security/Theft Protection


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