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  • Insulated Tote Bags for Beers
  • Koolit Collapsible Cooler Bag
  • Koolit Collapsible Cooler
  • Insulated Tote Bags for Beers
  • Insulated Foam Tote Bags
  • Isothermal Freezer Bags for hot and frozen food
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Our insulated tote bag is made of two layers of materials. External PE film could block water vapor effectively which makes the bag’s insulation better. Inter EPE foam is a new environmentally friendly insulation material, we adapt 5mm thick EPE material to ensure strong thermal insulation.

  • Extremely Lightweight, collapsible, and convenient.
  • Easy snap handles for carrying.
  • Heat-sealed seams make bags leakproof and unbreakable.
  • Holds up to 12 cans of beer or soda or 3-750ML wine plus ice.
  • Environmental friendly, reusable.
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The insulated tote bag is made from an excellent material that is just perfect for regular use. The material itself is a lightweight one which makes it easier for you to carry it around but the cooler is sturdy enough to hold 12 cans together along with ice cubes. The material used for the cooler is also insulated which helps you in keeping the beverages cold for several hours. The seam of the cooler is sealed well and thus the beverage condensation does not leak out under any circumstances.
There is also a built-in closure in the handle of the Koolit cooler which can be snapped together to hold the two pieces of the handle together and close the bag so that the beverages are kept insulated inside the bag.


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