Project Description

  • CSI Police Evidence Collection Bags
  • Law Enforcement Evidence Bags
  • Police evidence bags
  • Security Evidence Bags
  • Chain of Custody Security Bags
  • Crime Evidence Bags
  • Forensic Evidence Collection Bags

( Patent no. : 201721398048.8)

  • SKU: 31100

In law enforcement, it is vital to preserve evidence and maintain its integrity during all stages of analysis. This is because insufficient evidence could alter criminal proceedings, hinder an investigation, and violate the law.

Security Seal Bags play a crucial role in minimizing the risk of tampering. Our tamper-evident bags can withstand punctures and tears, they’re easy to write on, and they can’t be resealed after opening, are dependable and trusted by successful law enforcement agencies such as police, forensic, customs, and immigration departments to collect and custody exhibits related to crimes.

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