Project Description

  • Mylar Center Seal Pouch
  • Back Middle Seal Pouch Center Seal Pouch
  • Back Middle Seal Pouch
  • FIn Seal Packaging Bags for Food
  • SKU: 68100

Centre seal pouches, also known as fin seal pouches, pillow pouches, or t-seal pouches. The design of a center seal pouch resembles a pillow, with a seal running along the back and extending to the edges, connecting the top and bottom seals.  The seals on the pouch ensure secure and airtight packaging, preventing contamination and preserving the freshness and quality of the food. They are widely used for packaging due to their affordability, flexibility, lightweight nature, and appealing customization options.

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The center seal pouch is normally used for packing potato chips and fried snack foods. It is also used in packaging snacks, hard candies, gummies, instant noodles, and frozen dumplings. Common on the supermarket shelves are the packing Lay’s or chips as well as colorful gummy and candy grain.