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  • Cannabis Bags
  • Smell proof Weed Bags
  • Smell Proof Cannabis Mylar Bag
  • Marijuana Bag
  • Cannabis Childproof Pouches
  • SKU: 54100

Mylar bags for cannabis are the best way to keep your product fresh and potent, and they also give your business a more legitimate look. Using our cutting-edge, market-leading bags provides an extra layer of defense against the intrusion of light, humidity, and air. We make premium quality bags that last in the harsh conditions of the marijuana business.

Our premium Cannabis Packaging Bags equip a durable press & seal ziplock design, creating a moisture, odor, and smell-proof barrier that can safely store and secure cannabis flower products, concentrates, edibles, gummies, and other medicinal products.

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Cannabis bags have become a popular packaging in the marijuana industry for the reason that of the below characteristics:

  • Child-proof. The cannabis bag is added with a child-resistant zipper to prevent children from opening it easily and make your product compliant with state laws on marijuana.
  • Smell-proof. The thickness of the weed bag is more than 5mic, which can prevent the smell from overflowing.
  • Prevent product oxidation. After the oxidation of marijuana products, THC is converted to CBN, resulting in reduced product potency. Our cannabis bags use aluminum material as a barrier layer, which has better barrier properties and maintains the freshness of the marijuana product.
  • Cost saving. Compared with boxes and jars, using cannabis bags can save in storage space and transportation costs.