Project Description

  • 95kPa Specimen Transport Bag
  • UN3373 95kPa compliant specimen collection bag
  • Leakproof 95kPa Bags for Transporting Samples of Biological Substance
  • 95kPa Biohazard Specimen Pressure Bags
  • UN3373 95kPa specimen bags with document pouch
  • SKU: 17100

95 kPa specimen transport bags are designed as secondary packaging for transporting biological substances, Category B (UN3373) by road or air, to ensure safe and compliant storage and transport of diagnostic and clinical samples, infectious and hazardous materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and environmental samples.

These independently certified pressure bags are compliant with all relevant transport regulations.

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  • Provides effective secondary packaging for clinical diagnostic samples & biological substances
  • Able to withstand 95 kPa pressure
  • With or without document pouch
  • Easy to handle and quick to open (no risk of injury)
  • Independently tested & verified
  • Material:  Polyethylene/NY– 100% Original-low environmental impact
  • Size In Stock: 297 x 420mm(A3) and 177x283mm(A5)
  • Optional: Personalized print (logo, company name, address, color, website) + Custom sizes

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