How do we control our quality?

At Integral Packaging, quality control is the core of everything we do.

Our products are subject to a stringent quality assurance system, which is involved in all the stages of material production from printing, lamination, curing, and slitting to bag-making. It is our policy to be the preferred partner of our customers by satisfying their needs for reliable products of consistent quality and excellent service.

Our in-house laboratory is equipped to carry out the following quality tests:

Measuring thickness of bags

Pre-production materials and post-production finished bag tests are performed to check appearance, thickness, and size.We only keep qualified ones.

Material Strength Test

Tensile strength is the maximum mechanical stress a packaging material can withstand without breaking. This test can determine the peel force, tear force, and elongation rate of the films.

Heat Seal Tester

Test heat seal temperature range, dwell time and pressure, and time for heat sealing of various film materials to ensure that the product remains intact during storage and transportation.

Coefficient of Friction Tester

Through the friction coefficient data, the smoothness of the inner and outer sides of the packaging material and the ease of opening are determined to ensure that the bags can be transported and packaged smoothly on the high-speed production line.

Pendulum tester

The instrument uses a hemispherical punch to impact and pass through the film sample at a certain speed, and measures the energy consumed by the punch, so as to evaluate the impact toughness of the film.

Air Tightness Tester

This test can ensure the integrity of the entire product packaging seal and prevent leakage, contamination, deterioration, and other problems caused by poor packaging sealing performance.